Care Guide – 4CCCCEES

Care Guide


To ensure your shoes last a lifetime we have taken time to source the highest quality natural materials and the best manufacturers. Each piece of leather may have variations in colour, small marks and veins, these are natural and are what make each pieces unique. All of our leathers are suedes are protected during the manufacture process. After that, we recommend the followings.


Leather is best cleaned with a soft dry cloth and shoe cream before gently buffing.

Suede needs to be cleaned gently with a rubber suede brush, taking care to smooth the fibres in the same direction.

Other materials such as synthetic and fabric can be cleaned gently with a damp cloth.


Almost all our shoes are made with either Caster soles or Molded Eva soles. In order to preserve their longevity, the caster soles cannot be immersed by water or rubbed with rough objects, while both soles are better not to be long exposed to the sun. The dust on top could be wiped off by a wet cloth on caster soles or gently brush on the molded eva soles.


The very best way to store your shoes is to keep them in their individual dust bags inside the box with stuffing.


Rain-If your shoes get wet we recommend wiping them with a cloth and allowing them to dry naturally in a warm airy environment. Drying them next to radiators may damage the leather.